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Development Applications

A Development Application Form must be completed with all relevant detail and signed by applicant/owner. Copies of plans/specifications must be forwarded with the application and fees must be paid upon lodgement at the Council Office. For more information please contact Emma McDonald, Manager Environmental Services on 8688 2101 or 0427 882 202 or email emcdonald@tumbybay.sa.gov.au.

Documentation Required

(Please click on the links below to download documents)

Development Application Form(68 kb)

Application for an On-site Wastewater Works Approval Form(376 kb)

Information required

Approval for garages, sheds, carports, verandahs etc (checklist)(117 kb)

Approval for Dwelling Checklist(40 kb) 

Approval for swimming pools & pool fences (checklist)(107 kb)

Further Information

  1. Information Sheet No 1           Development Applications
  2. Information Sheet No 2           Making and Application
  3. Information Sheet No 3           Required Information
  4. Information Sheet No 4           Land Division
  5. Information Sheet No 5           Public Notification
  6. Information Sheet No 6           Non-Complying Development
  7. Information Sheet No 7           Home(Business) Activity
  8. Information Sheet No 8           Corner Fences
  9. Information Sheet No 9           Transportable Buildings
  10. Information Sheet No 10         Demolition


Development Application Fees 2019/20(111 kb)

Septic Tank Installation Fees 2019/20(93 kb)

(Please note all fees are reviewed and changed by the Government each financial year)

Register of Development Applications


Register of Development Application 2019 (634 kb)


Register of Development Applications 2018(1206 kb)


Register of Development Applications 2017(796 kb)


Register of Development Ap plication Dec(1025 kb)


Register of Developments 2015(477 kb)


Register of Development Applications 2014(229 kb)

Development Plan

Section 23 of the Development Act requires each Council or Area to have a Development Plan. The Development Plan is a document prepared by Council, which provides for proper, orderly and efficient planning and development in the area. Development Plans are used for the proper conservation, use, development and management of land and buildings and to advance the social and ecomonic interests and goals of the community.

To view the Tumby Bay Development Plan, please click on the link below:

Tumby Bay Council Development Plan (sa.gov.au)

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