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Dog Registrations - 1st July - 30th June

New Dog & Cat Laws 2018

Please click here for more information about the new Dog & Cat Laws.

Online payments are now available.  Please click here to be redirected to a secure server where your transaction will take place. Your new Registration Tag will be posted along with a receipt, within the next seven (7) working days.

You will be asked to input the current animal number for your dog and also your surname so that history records can be checked. (Note: The animal number is printed in the left column of your renewal notice.)

If you wish to register a new dog, change your address, change your personal details or if your dog has been desexed since it was previously registered, you will need to visit the Council Office to complete the appropriate forms and provide the necessary proof.

Please notify Council of any changes to the dog(s) previously or currently registered to your property. ie notify us of any dogs that have died, been sold or given away especially if you move address.

The Registration Fees are as follows:


Council keeps a register of dogs in the local area. Dogs must be registered from 3 months of age. To ensure that the register is kept up to date dog registrations are renewed every 12 months during July and August. If you have not received your renewal, please call into the Office or telephone us on 8688 2101.

Persons registering a dog must be eighteen years of age or older.

To register a new dog you will need to:

To re-register an animal, please bring your renewal card into the Council Office with payment with the proof required (as above) or click here to pay online.

Once the dog has been registered you will be issued with:

Failure to register a dog is an offence and the owner or person responsible for the dog may be fined.

Don't wait for Council to knock on your door. Register your dog to avoid being fined.

Compliance Officer, Mr Trevor Franklin, Telephone 8688 2101 or Mobile 0429 882 070

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